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The CBA Sementes empowers potato producers to increase their profitability and crop safety, through phytosanitary benefits and increased research generated by our seeds. This is possible thanks to an innovative application of aeroponic methods used in a proprietary technology that works through sensors that automate and optimize production in a protected environment, generating more efficiency and a seed that guarantees an improvement in the quality of the producer’s crop.

The team is led by CEO Lucas Moreira, the COO Cesar Moreira with a great mentor Lucas Medeiros and composed of engineers, agronomists and the community of Divinolândia, a city that was set up in the first base of operations.

Aeroponics 2.0

Our practical approach allowed CBA Sementes to achieve a constant and proven increase in the phytosanitary quality of the seed and greater efficiency in the sequences subsequent to our seeds produced by aeroponics. Planting and developing crops without soil and with a water solution rich in nutrients, in a controlled environment, like potato seeds received without contaminants at the producer, with quality and reproduced in the soil. In our applicable economic methods, the existing aeroponic methods and a sensory technological base, developed by out team. We have developed a controlled process that offers each crop the exact amount of water and nutrients needed right on time to obtain a better final product quality.

The greenhouse

In our greenhouse, our MVP located in the city of Divinolândia – SP – Brazil, CBA Sementes addresses the problem of how to improve the quality of the final product, increase field productivity and feed efficiency almost anywhere in the world.

Through a controlled environment capable of supporting various crops and following all phytosanitary recommendations, our greenhouse produces seeds with the latest technology.

The greenhouse is fully equipped with its own control system to feed the entire operation and the water treatment installation.

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Focusing on seeds, the most scalable element in the agricultural chain, and developing a process that can be replicated anywhere in the world, CBA Seeds addresses not only environmental and industrial issues, but also empowers farmers and fosters new agricultural markets.

Through the evolution of our Aeroponics control system and proprietary sensors to optimize the production of various crops, we are able to impact the entire food chain with productivity to the incomparable final consumer, in the same way that we already serve potato producers.

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